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"I paint what we all perceive but no one speaks of​ "  - CLoD



My name is Claudia Echeverria, known in the art world as CLoD, I’m from Maracaibo, Venezuela, and I paint colorful pieces that speak.


A few years ago, I was a mother of two, in a corporate job as a Tv Producer, and one day, just nothing made sense anymore. I quit my job and went on a trip around the world by myself, for a year, which brought to light my fascination with human behavior and unleashed my self-expression through painting.


I use mainly acrylics and oil sticks but also markers, gaffer tape, or any other medium that I feel curious to experiment with. I make medium to large format pieces that have a whimsical feeling of a tacit world where everyone can be anyone. The process is driven by my 7-year-old me, with some suggestions of the current version of myself. I’m influenced in different ways by Quino, Tarantino, The Beatles, and the bold use of color of the Wayuu tribe, an indigenous settlement which I was closely raised with.


I love people-watching. I can see patterns of behavior before they even manifest and I include these findings in my work. My pieces are an invitation to become responsible for our life, our actions, reactions, and how we show up to this world. So I raise my piece of observation as a mirror to whoever wants to see it, as deeply as we can, or are willing to go.

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