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"I paint what we all perceive but no one speaks of​ "  - CLoD


As an artist, I'm driven by my fascination with human behavior and my deep desire to express it through vibrant, whimsical paintings. My work is an exploration of the complexities of identity, social norms, and the ways in which we construct our own realities. When creating, I love experimenting with different media, including acrylics, oil sticks, and markers, to bring my vision to life in medium to large-format pieces that invite viewers into a playful, tacit world where anything is possible.


Growing up in Venezuela, I was heavily influenced by the bold use of color and patterns in indigenous cultures. Additionally, the works of Quino, Tarantino, and the Beatles have played a significant role in shaping my artistic style. These influences reflect my love for people-watching and my ability to identify patterns of behavior before they even manifest, which I translate into my artwork.

For a little bit of context, all of my characters are born from a reinterpreted universe that I have been developing since my high school years. I started doodling as a way to cope with the absurdity of it all, and those doodles have since evolved into the playful characters that inhabit my art.

Through my work, I create a portal into an unseen world. Enter as you please.

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