Claudia Echeverria is a Venezuelan-born artist living in Miami, Florida. Known as CLoD in the art world, her colorful work is inspired by everyday life, people, relationships and all that is truth. Often painting as a child, CLoD possessed a creative fire, but it wasn’t until she found herself in a dead end corporate career that she took her love for art from hobby to a profession.

Working as a TV producer somehow didn’t make sense anymore, it didn’t feed my soul”, CLoD said. “So I quit my job, left for a solo trip around the world for a year, and decided to live the rest of my life with integrity to my passion, creating in an almost obsessed way.


Always ready for change, CLoD has traveled to more than 60 countries, immersing solo in diverse cultures, and discovering the simplicity of human essence, which does not change anywhere. 


The way we behave as humans is a huge inspiration for my work. My intention with these creatures is to serve as a mirror, to whatever moves you”, she said. “I create beautiful pieces that speak”. 


CLoD has collectors in the US, Milan, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Iceland, Austria, Mexico, Central and South America, participated in numerous collectives, donated work to major charities, and done solo museum exhibits. 

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